Life with Apple Watch 2

My day with Apple Watch 2, explaining top tips/features through my daily life. Product Link: Music by Dixxy

Apple Watch Series 2 Review!

This is my first time using an Apple Watch, although not my first time using a smartwatch... and I really did fall in love with it, especially with this Series 2 model.

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

Try-on, review of the Apple Watch 2. I review the Apple Watch 2 and bring it in a day of my life so you can see how it works. Some things we talk about include: ...

Apple Watch Series 2 — Go Time

Apple Watch Series 2は、動き続ける人の、動き続ける体のために作られました。内蔵GPSと50メートルまでの耐水性能を持ち、圧倒的に速い新しいデュア...

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Apple Watch Series 2, the higher end series in Apple's 2016 smartwatch lineup. It's available in sport aluminum, stainless steel and ...