We Shall Overcome

Richard Spencer discusses the recent attempts by the City of Charlottesville to disrupt the Unite The Right rally this weekend, and why the Alt-Right will prevail.

Uninvited at CPAC

Richard Spencer discusses getting expelled from CPAC and "Depeche Mode-gate," as well as the tensions within the right-wing and the future of "conservatism."

Why I Oppose The RAISE Act

Richard Spencer discusses what's good about Trump's immigration reform proposal . . . and why high-skilled, high-IQ immigration is ultimately devastating for ...

3-D Checkers

People who think Donald Trump is playing "3D Chess" in Syria are themselves playing 3D Checkers; they overlook the peril in which he is putting his presidency ...

Conservatism's Autistic Cousin

Alt-right Wikipedia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt-right “Writing about the alt-right” https://blog.ap.org/behind-the-news/writing-about-the-alt-right Under Section ...