Colin Kaepernick is hands down one of the most talked about players to ever play in the NFL. From the taking a knee protests all the way to running the ball on every play, this is what COLIN...

Colin Kaepernick Be Like....

As part of our "BE LIKE..." series, we are bringing you a Colin Kaepernick impression. We're big Colin Kaepernick supporters! #TeamKap COMMENT below and let us know who you would like to see...

Colin Kaepernick Is Wrong

Colin Kaepernick, apparently a football player, refused to stand up for the National Anthem because of the way blacks are mistreated in America. My shirt from Libertarian Country:


Casually ran into Colin Kaepernick on campus. Oh and I did some other stuff too. Follow me on : and on

Real Workouts: Colin Kaepernick

In our latest edition of Real Workouts, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick shows you how he gets down in the off-season. Get Kaepernick's Full Workout, With How-To's: