Dr Paul Orthotics

VS Athletics Orthotics by Dr. Paul are specially designed to fit in both everyday and athletic shoes and help cure and prevent plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis ...

VS Orthotics by Dr Paul

VS Orthotics by Dr. Paul Copeskey. Available at http://www.vsathletics.com/product.php?xProd=1995 Sized SM-XL Small: Women 6.0-8.0, Men 4.5-6.5 (115lbs) ...

Custom Orthotics

Dr. Sables explains an ArcMasters TC3-DR(Total Contact 3 Dimensional Re-Alignment) orthotic that is is truly custom made just for you!

Dr. Paul Sponseller

Dr. Paul Sponseller is a professor of urology and orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His areas of clinical expertise include cerebral ...

Custom Orthotics for You

Come see what an amazing difference having a custom orthotic fitted to your foot can do for you. http://www.customorthoticsolutions.com.