ECDL Excel walkthrough

The 40 min video is designed as a pre exam session for Spreadsheets (Excel). It is best used with the resources available from school. The following resource ...

ECDL EXCEL2010 725

ECDL Excel 2010 7.2.5 Print a selected cell range from a worksheet, an entire worksheet, number of copies of a worksheet, the entire spreadsheet, a selected ...

ECDL EXCEL2010 411

ECDL Excel 2010 4.1.1 Recognize good practice in formula creation: refer to cell references rather than type numbers into formulas.

ECDL EXCEL2010 311 312

ECDL Excel 2010 3.1.1 3.1.1 Select a row, range of adjacent rows, range of non-adjacent rows. 3.1.2 Select a column, range of adjacent columns, range of ...

ECDL EXCEL2010 233

ECDL Excel 2010 2.3.3 Move the content of a cell, cell range within a worksheet, between worksheets, between open spreadsheets.

ECDL EXCEL2010 715

ECDL Excel 2010 7.1.5 Insert and delete fields: page numbering information, date, time, file name, worksheet name into headers, footers.

ECDL EXCEL2010 413

ECDL Excel 2010 4.1.3 Identify and understand standard error values associated with using formulas: #NAME?, #DIV/0!, #REF!.

ECDL EXCEL2010 611

ECDL Excel 2010 6.1.1 Create different types of charts from spreadsheet data: column chart, bar chart, line chart, pie chart.


ECDL Excel 2010 5.2 5.2.1 Change cell content appearance: font sizes, font types. 5.2.2 Apply formatting to cell contents: bold, italic, underline, double ...

ECDL EXCEL2010 412

ECDL Excel 2010 4.1.2 Create formulas using cell references and arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).