How to zip & unzip files in Mac?

Zipping files is a great way to save space and keep your files organised. Most of the files you download from the Internet are often compressed or zipped and you can easily identify compressed...

How to tarball [MAC]

This is a quick video i made for a friend on how to tarball files on mac Commands used: "tar -cf Minecraft.tar Minecraft\ SMP" "gzip Minecraft.tar" Note...

Terminal Lesson 15

I show you how to make a tarball ** CD To Desktop ** cd cd Desktop ** Make Tar Of File ** tar -cvvf /path/of/tarball.tar /path/of/file.txt ** Untar A Tarball ** tar -xvvf /path/of/tarball.tar...

How To Get A File Out Of A CPGZ Zip

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Extract a Tarball in Linux

Performed via the Command Line - Can be performed in pretty much any Linux Distro - Currently running through Linux Mint 17.2 - Tarball - aka: tar.gz file.