Calvin Klein Ad - SNL

Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) strips down for a new set of Calvin Klein underwear ads. Get more SNL on Hulu Plus: Get more SNL:

Casablanca - Saturday Night Live

In an alternate ending of Casablanca, Ilsa (Kate McKinnon) isn't so conflicted about leaving Rick (J.K. Simmons). Get more SNL on Hulu Plus: Get more...

Close Encounter - SNL

Three people (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Ryan Gosling) share very different stories about their alien abduction. Subscribe to the SNL channel for more clips: Download...

Falling For You BLOOPERS

The blooper reel to the new romantic comedy, Falling For You, starring Kate McKinnon ('SNL') & Zachary Levi ('Thor: The Dark World' & 'Chuck'). SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network:

Kate McKinnon Talking About Her Cat

It is no secret that Kate is a big fan of pet cat, Nino Positano! Check out the articles in Huffington Post, Slate, & People featuring this compilation! --


(UCB Sketches) The cast of Jersey Shore explains World War II and Catcher in the Rye. Check out more of Kate's work with UCB on their website or YouTube page https://www...