Some Excellent Trials Plays

Sorry for the lack of uploads lately, selling a house, moving, buying a house, and Guardian Con all made it exceptionally difficult to record and edit videos.

3 5 KD Sweat Against the Best

This is a huge match I had, including a 10 killstreak, against some tier 1 players like SirDimitrious, WishYaLuckk, Purechill, and Ozi. I had an absolute blast, and ...

4 Beers 4 Brewers

This is the first episode of our live streamed beer tasting called 4 Beers 4 Brewers. We take 4 different beers from 4 different breweries and highlight them, ...

Fusion Rifle Sweats

So Im under the weather but on top of my game as I take a Sally's Vigil into some 4v4 sweats with some excellent players. Hope you enjoy.