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In this video we will see how to open rar file using winrar on windows. Rarlab provides Winrar and Rar softwares for Windows ( Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 ,Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and more including 32bit and 64bit platforms) Linux, Android, FreeBSD and Mac OS X
For Android RAR app is available on Google Playstore for free download link is above
If you have rar files on your PC or Android Smartphone it's easy to open rar  files or extract rar files with Winrar for Windows and RAR for other operating system
On Windows Platform Winrar is available in different languages of Your choice, WinRAR  extracts compressed rar files really fast and you can compress your files too.
Once you install WinRAR all icon of rar files will change on your windows and you will see these option in right click menu when you right click on rar file:
Open with WinRAR
Extract Files…..
Extract Here
Extract to (Name of folder you clicked right click on).
Choose any option you find suitable for your operation.Once process is complete rar file will be extracted, Now your rar file is open. 

Go through following steps to open rar file using WinRAR

Step 1 - Download WinRAR link is above
Step 2 - Install Winrar 
Step 3 - Locate your rar file and hit right click
Step 4 - Select Extract Here
Done! Congratulations! Your rar file is Extracted and open for your use.

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