New Smart Home Products and Features including Google IO 2018 - May 18 2018

There are always new smart home automation products coming out, and new smart home features that are being announced.  Last week's Google I/O had a number of new announcements in the space of home automation, business automation, and even personal automation.  On top of that, there were a number of new announcements from companies related to home automation.

From Google I/O 2018, we saw a number of new features.  The first one was Smart Compose by Gmail.  Smart Compose will, over time, predict what your intention is when it comes to writing emails.  It will fill in the gaps for you as you go to start and write an email.  It can be turned on now, and it will start to become useful as it learns more about how you compose your emails.

Another thing announced at Google I/O was some incredible interaction between Google Maps and Google Assistant.  The interaction was impressive, as you could ask Google Assistant to play music, send text messages, and would let you request directions.  I'm sure there will be more, but this is great when you're driving.

Volvo has also come out and said their entire next generation of vehicles would have Android Auto, Google Assistant, and Google Maps on board.

Some other great Google I/O 2018 functionality was in relation to Google Photos and Android.  Google Photos saw Suggested Actions show up, and Android P showed us some great App Actions capability.  In both cases, Google is trying to predict what you're doing next and then show you that immediately.

Google Chromecast is getting another updated version.  This will be the 3rd version as far as I'm concerned and it'll give us Google Chromecast with Bluetooth.  This is full Bluetooth capability, unlike the existing model.  Your existing model also, won't be getting an update.  Sorry....

Philips Hue's Android and iPhone applications have left a little to be desired in the past.  That's being fixed by a new update from Philips and Philips Hue.  Customizations, interfaces, scenes, and much more have all been improved upon.

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