Welcome to Season 4 Week 3 Challenges! We'll be going over 'Search 10 Rubber Ducks but I'll be showing all 20 Rubber Duck Locations & also 'Follow The Treasure Map Found In Salty Springs'.

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Fortnite Gameplay Overview:

Fortnight is a co-op sandbox survival game and is about exploration, scavenging items, crafting weapons, building fortified structures, and fighting waves of encroaching monsters & Zombies. Players will work together to scavenge items they can use for building by day to build their fort, and by night defend it from the zombies for 14 days hence the title Fortnight. Building will be a core mechanic in the game, and there will be "a lot of loot" buried within. Players can build and edit each wall of their fort with a 3x3 grid, lay down stairs, roofs, and windows, sculpting them to suit a particular need.

The world of Fortnite is expansive and uses a hybrid of procedural generation with sculpted “puzzle pieces” to create interesting play spaces to explore. Almost anything can be harvested for loot and materials, and used for for crafting. Build the equipment you need, when you need it. Knowing when to spend your hard-earned resources is part of the strategy of mastering the world of Fortnite. 

Let’s talk about the rewards you get in Fortnite. (Everyone likes to get stuff right?) Fortnite takes a bunch of Epic's gunplay know-how and smashes it together with a Diablo-style RPG system. We have a solid assortment of guns: sniper rifles, rocket launchers, lasers and shotguns galore all in your favorite rarity colored flavors. We also have a pile of close-combat weapons that range from claymores to katanas and my favorite: the rocket-powered sledgehammer. Along with weapons, players are also able to collect and recruit Defenders. These are specialist NPCs that help you hold the line against the Husk hordes.

Building in Fortnite is designed to be usable before combat and in the heat of battle. Need to throw up a quick wall? It's a tap and a trigger away. Want to build more impressive structures? The editing tool puts the power of building customization in your hands, choosing between fences, windows, stairs, ramps and doors in your fort. Fortnite buildings can also be built from three different materials with different properties: wood, stone, and metal. Building coupled with the ability to craft a whole host of deadly traps, can eliminate creatures before they can even get to your Fort's walls!  It's up to you to decide which one to use in a pinch. 

Music: Bensound.com 


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