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Super Easy... just make a copy Os Lion on a dvd... then restart while holding down "option" key. 
and go through disk utilities to format the computer... simply go through the steps and you should be running os lion very soon - ENJOY -

STEP 1 Purchase and download Lion from the Mac App Store on any Lion compatible Mac running Snow Leopard.
STEP 2 Right click on "Mac OS X Lion" installer and choose the option to "Show Package Contents."
Inside the Contents folder that appears you will find a SharedSupport folder and inside the SharedSupport folder you will find the "InstallESD.dmg." This is the Lion boot disc image we have all been waiting for.
STEP 3 Copy "InstallESD.dmg" to another folder like the Desktop.
STEP 4 Launch Disk Utility and click the burn button.
STEP 5 Select the copied "InstallESD.dmg" as the image to burn, insert a standard sized 4.7 GB DVD, and wait for your new Lion Boot Disc to come out toasty hot.

STEP 6 restart any Lion compatible Mac while holding the option key, and choose Mac OS Install ESD as the startup volume.
STEP 7 From the Erase tab select your Mac's primary hard drive and choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the format. Before you erase the drive confirm you have a known good backup then click Erase...
STEP 8 With your Mac's primary hard drive wiped clean it is now time to begin installing Lion. Quit Disk Utility to go back to the Lion installer
When the installation process is complete your Mac will have a clean copy of Lion installed on its primary hard drive 


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