Hello Friends Ee Video lo 2 whatsapp account 1 phonelo ela viniyoginchalo meeku cheptanu.
parallel space - multi accounts ane oka app ni app store lo download chesukoni install chesukondi.
parallel space - multi accounts app open chesi ye app meeru clone cheyali anukuntunnaro aa app select chesi add to parallel space meeda click cheyandi. 
mee 2nd account create ayipothundi.
taruvata meeru aa account lo register chesi aa appp ni upayoginchu kovachhu.
How to install 2 whatsapp 2 facebook official clients in Android Phone?

As per the operating system limit we can't install same app 2 times in any phone. In this context i explains about one legal method for multiple app installations like 2 whatsapp, 2 facebook, 2 twitter etc in same mobile.

1. Download and install the Parallel Space app from Google Store.
2. (No root required) Open the app and press '+' button.
3. You see 'Clone Apps', click More and select the Whatsapp app(Application must be installed outside parallel space).
4. Open the Whatsapp and bla..bla..(you know next steps).

Note:- Same process for other applications too.
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