Updated Sept, 2013

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*** Note: This method is only for device with 3G feature. Tablet with WIFI only WILL NOT WORK.

If you use Android cellphone, you can download & install directly from google play, or if you go to whatsapp.com, they will redirect you to google play.

If you use Android tablet 3G, you need to download it from your computer, then transfer the downloaded whatsapp.apk file from your computer to your tablet via bluetooth or USB flashdisc, then install it.

To download .apk file:
- Go to whatsapp.com from your computer.
- Click the android icon in green circle or just click download then choose android phone.
- Click download.
Note: There's a note that says "tablet not supported". Don't mind that, as long your device is a 3G device (SIM card with package data) it will work.

••• after you transfer/copy the whatsapp.apk file to your android tablet, you can follow the next instruction or you can follow this video start from: 0:53

To make sure, I have try this step to my tab 10.1 3G, tab 8.9 3G, tab 7.7 3G and it work just fine.

Please don't hate me just because I want to share to others.. :)



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