카자흐 피겨 영웅 '데니스 텐' 흉기 찔려 사망
  Denis Ten, a Kazakh figure skater of Korean descent and former Olympic bronze medalist, has been stabbed to death at age 25.
Choi Si-young has the details.  

  Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten has been stabbed to death in Almaty, Kazahkstan. According to Kazakhstan news agency Kazinform, Denis Ten was stabbed by two unidentified men who tried to steal his car on Thursday local time.

    "He came to the clinic in a critical condition, clinically dead. All efforts of the clinic, and the city were made to try to save his life."

  His death shocked fans in South Korea. 
Ten was a great-great-grandson of Korean independence fighter   Min Keung-ho, who led three hundred civilian fighters against the Japanese.
Ten used to tell people that he was proud of his Korean lineage. 

    "I always knew I am Korean. It was something that you just know. And you don't even ask how it happened and why. On the table, you always have rice and kimchi. You have soup."

  Many figure skaters including South Korea's Kim Yu-na, Japan's Asada Mao and Gracie Gold from the U.S. expressed their sorrow for the loss of the talented figure skater.

  Denis Ten competed at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, and was expected to increase his activity in Korea such as meeting his fans.

Choi Si-young, Arirang News. 

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