미•캐나다 주도 16개국, 16일 밴쿠버서 한반도 안보 논의…중•러 불참

  Seoul's top diplomat will be visiting Canada to attend a high-level international discussions on the situation with North Korea.
However, according to our Kwon Jang-ho, the absence of nations like China and Russia, has led some to question the meeting's credibility. 
 The inaugural Vancouver Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula will open on Tuesday.
Co-hosted by the U.S. and Canada, the meeting aims to boost the global effort to find a peaceful resolution to the North Korea nuclear situation.
 Those invited are being called the 'Vancouver Group', and will include most countries that fought in the Korean war under the UN flag, such as the UK, France and Turkey, as well as South Korea, and other interested parties, like India, Japan and Sweden. 
 However, notable absentees include China, Russia and North Korea.
It's unclear whether they were formally invited or not, but their absence has caused some to question the effectiveness and purpose of the meeting.
Beijing has criticized it, saying that without all the major relevant parties involved, the meeting won't help the situation on the Korean Peninsula, but only divide the international community even further.

 Despite an easing of tensions with the two Korea's now talking again, the main outcome of the summit is expected to be an agreement to keep the pressure on Pyongyang, with the next step being a focus on trying to stop ships carrying out illicit trade with the regime at sea.

 "The key theme in this Vancouver meeting is solidarity among like-minded countries,... among countries that say maximum pressure on North Korea in the form of unilateral and multilateral economic sanctions must remain a top priority. Then China and Russia could jump onboard if they find that international solidarity is the inevitable trend and if it serves their strategic interests to join in."

 A trilateral meeting on the sidelines of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan has been talked about, as has a separate South Korea-U.S. meeting, where the ongoing inter-Korean talks would likely be the main point of discussion.
Then there's a potentially frosty meeting between the foreign ministers of Seoul and Tokyo on the table as well.
 South Korea-Japan relations have soured again in recent weeks... after the Moon administration condemned the controversial 2015 Seoul-Tokyo agreement on the issue of Japan's wartime sexual enslavement of Korean women.
 It's not clear what progress could be made from this meeting, but it promises to be a highly charged affair.
Kwon Jang-ho, Arirang News. 

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