Does this work on dark hair? I've seen that question so many times on instagram and facebook etc about this Lime crime Unicorn Hair! 

Looking for the new one for brunettes? just filmed 3 shades here: https://youtu.be/u8v3mE35Gl0

I had to try this out to see if it actually did anything! Since Lime crime has released this unicorn hair dye it has been an absolute instagram obsession!! When I saw this unicorn hair dye my first thought was everyone else's! For reference my hair is dark dark dark dark brown/almost black but not black (hairdresser's words-not mine lol but true). I have tried to dye my hair in the past to no avail so I didn't have very high expectations but Lime crime did address this question to their instagram follower. They said this Unicorn Hair dye would leave a tint in darker hair so here is my video seeing if it works on as dark of hair as mine! Hope you guys like this review / demo on the Unicorn Hair from Lime crime cosmetics! Have you tried this yet?? Let me know if you have and what your favorite colors are! And if you have any questions let me know!! I didn't go through 5 hours of this for nothing haha (yup my hair is thick) i'm more than happy to offer any clarifications, answers etc.

And obviously if you want a vivid color you need to bleach, but since Limecrime stated it leaves a tint in non-lightened hair, that's what this video is for! (As also stated in video ;p )

The Lime crime Unicorn Hair colors I tried:
Unicorn Hair: Bunny (light pink)
Unicorn Hair: Chocolate Cherry (deep burgundy red)
Unicorn Hair: Dirty Mermaid (darker turquoise green/blue)

---Does LOREAL COLORISTA Hair Dye Work On Dark Hair?? https://youtu.be/ptorlmUU6bg 


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