NEW Fortnite Mobile Android Release trailer created by a fan!
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Fortnite Mobile Android is set to have a release date for all Android users to download Fortnite Mobile on their Android phoes and tablets this summer. This is a Fortnite Mobile Android release trailer created by a fan to show appreciation to all the Fortnite Mobile Android developers who are working to release Fortnite on Android phones. Once Fortnite Mobile Android release, I plan on creating multiple tutorials on how to get better at Fortnite Mobile Android and how to download Fortnite Mobile Android. There will be a limited amount of android devices that will be able to run Fortnite Mobile on their Android phone so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you can get more details and news about the Fortnite Mobile Android release!

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Fortnite Music video: https://youtu.be/FxfwbDC2JLE
Fortnite Android Devices: https://youtu.be/gy7eWHnsmFk

I play Fortnite Mobile with the Mobile Claw:

Fortnite Mobile Android CLAW Controller: https://youtu.be/WegPZtjULeI

Thanks for watching my family-friendly Fortnite video! 


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