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About Today's Episode :

How well do you know your country ? Well on today's episode of Call Kantipur presenter Shrijal & Nattu are asking callers about the country, showing a image of provinces and the callers have to tell which province is that and asking them whether it is good or bad to make 7 provinces in Nepal .


About Call Kantipur :

Launched 15 years ago, on Kantipur TV HD, Call Kantipur is the one of the most popular calling TV shows in Nepal. Call Kantipur airs in Kantipur TV HD everyday at 5:00pm. Hosted by Natasha (Nattu) Shah, Shrijal Rupakheti, Neelum Chand, Suzita Shrestha, Call Kantipur discusses about youth oriented issues in a vivacious pattern. The surprise guests and the unexpected activities are the USP of Call Kantipur. 


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