http://BigNate84.com - This is a video response to "Kiarns" who was having some trouble installing CHDK. Basically he got to the point where he would download the code and drag the files over to the memory card. However, the "Firm Update" option would not appear on the cameras menu.

The issue occurred because he did not use stuffit expander. The same thing actually happened to me the first time I tried it. After the download is complete two things could happen depending on your web browser you will either see the zip folder appear in the downloads folder or your web browser will automatically unzip the files.  If your using Safari go into the preferences and un-check "open safe files after downloading".  This is bad for CHDK we want to un-zip the files and open them ourselves not automatically.

WARNING: If you double click that zip folder you are unzipping it with the standard Mac compressor / expander utility. You need to navigate to the downloads folder in the finder and find the zip file you just downloaded. You must right click or control click and open with Stuffit Expander. The Mac default utility hides some of the CHDK files and it won't work if you simply double click to unzip the folder. Stuffit Expander is a free program you can download online, here http://bit.ly/cCjTka or buy the full version here http://amzn.to/MvFYZx

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