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Rick Murphy:  Costa was started by some guys that were outdoor enthusiasts, guys that were fishermen. 1987, I was fishing a tournament. They ask me, "Would you wear a pair of these glasses?" At the time, I was fishing with some real cheap glasses that you could buy at a 7 Eleven, and my life changed that day. That's one of the reasons why the product is so good and so successful, is because they always remembered where they came from.

Chris Fischer:  I work on the ocean, where I'm looking deep into the saltwater a lot. You simply see things you don't see when you're wearing other lenses. You instantly feel like the world is a more beautiful place, and it has more depth and more definition.
You can look right in through the water. I've never seen anything that can remotely come close to protecting my eyes from the sun but, also, enhancing my ability to catch fish and see fish.

Oliver White:  I spend my life on the water. Every day we're out on the flats, and the glasses are the most important thing we do to see.
When you're standing up on that platform, you have the advantage and helps you find what you're looking for. That's what it's all about. It's all about being able to see. 


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