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Are you ready for back-to-school? "YES!!" Wow, that's amazing!! I love your positive attitude! You know what would make back-to-school even better? "Cute notebooks?" Incredible -- I was just thinking the same thing! Aaaand lucky for you, today I have four super kawaii notebooks that I'll show you how to DIY! We really do think alike, huh? In any case, enjoy the video and I wish you all a fantastic first day of school!! 😄 Enjoy, and make sure to share pictures of your treats on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #kawaiisweetworld! 

Also, a bunch of you have asked about the black grid backpack in the video! It's from Bando, but unfortunately they don't sell it anymore 😭😭 But here's a link to all of their current backpacks! https://www.bando.com/collections/backpacks-duffles

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