Instagram is down for the second time in a week.Thousands of Instagram users have reported they cannot access the service's app.Angry users around the world are venting their frustration on Twitter as they find themselves unable to log in to the service.Facebook also appears to be down for a small number of users.Instagram is down for the second time in a week, sending social media into a hilarious meltdownIt is still not clear what is causing the problems for the Facebook-owned services.The issues appear to be widespread, with users in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Europe, South America and South East Asia reporting issues.Instagram began experiencing issues at around 9:20 BST (4:20 ET), with over a thousand users reporting problems on Down Detector, a website which collects reports of website and app crashes.Instagram has yet to announce it is experiencing downtime, and is yet to respond to MailOnline's request for comment.Users have taken to Twitter to complain about the service's outage.User @ashley_brown tweeted: 'When you get up at 6:30 to catch a mountain sunrise and #instagram goes down just after you post it :('Some users linked Instagram's downtime to the fact that today is Friday 13.User @AverieNichgrc tweeted: 'Friday the 13th is already happening guys. Instagram is down'It is still not clear what is causing the problems for the Facebook-owned services, but users have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrationsThe latest outage is the second in just a week, after Instagram and Facebook users around the world experienced problems on Wednesday.Some of those attempting to go onto the sites were shown a blank page, with nothing loading - causing them to complain they now have to talk to their families.Others reported they could only load certain parts of the websites or apps of the two Facebook-owned services.Some reported the sites worked fine until they tried to post an update or image, at which point they shut down.The issues were widespread, with reports of outages popping up in Brazil, Japan, India and parts of Europe.It remains unclear what caused the problems, which began around 4pm BST (11am ET) on 11 October.A number of users took to Twitter to complain about the outages.User @Shaylaleeraquel‏ tweeted: 'Uh-oh. #Facebook is down. WHAT DO WE DO?'Twitter user @forfeng tweeted: 'funny I don't spend that much time on twitter anymore, but still come here to see if other's have #facebookdown'@_BrooklynBear tweeted: 'Hello to all the #Instagram users coming to Twitter to see if it's down... Lol'The two incidents this week follow another outage in August in which Instagram and Facebook again went down for thousands around the world.People experienced problems logging onto Facebook, sending messages or 'liking' posts and pictures.Others reported a 'total blackout' meaning the site wouldn't load or they were unable to log in to their accounts.At its peak there were more than 1,869 reports of people experiencing problems getting onto the website.Some Facebook users were told the website was undergoing 'required maintenance'.Others reported being faced with a message that read: 'Facebook Will Be Back Soon. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site.' 
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