The Leftists don't like a REAL REVEAL.

On the Fourth of July this year, 91 yera-old Rodolfo Rodriguez went for a nightly walk and - for whatever reason - was almost beat to death by a woman who pushed him, then punched him while on the ground, picked up a brick and proceeded to smash his face in with it.  During the process, the woman encouraged three or four other men to join her in beating up the senior.  All the while, she was alleged as stating phrases like 'Go back to Mexico!'.

A woman (Misbel Borjas) witnessed the event in her vehicle and took a picture of the woman (who had a child with her as well) and was about to assist the man, but the woman said she'd do the same to Borjas if she interfered (and attempted to throw the brick at her vehicle too), so Borjas called 911.

From there, Borjas recorded the aftermath after the woman and men were gone, paramedics and officers arrived as well as Rodriguez's family.

Rodriguez suffered broken bones, bruises, etc.  His GoFundMe has amassed over $300,000 in donations to help him and his family out during this process.

The Lefitst MSM, and the Blue-Checks on Twitter (and everywhere) went crazy, blaming 'racist Trump Supporters', 'Trump's America', and 'Racist White People', among other things.  Ana Navarro, for example, went crazy on Twitter claiming racism is rampant under Donald Trump.  The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur blamed racists in Trump's America as well - like the ASSUMPTIVE/AGENDA-DRIVEN head-pieces they are.


Early Tuesday morning on July 10, 2018 (six days after every Leftist news outlet went mad blaming WHITE America and WHITE racists), an arrest was made: 


Oh look, another mother being separated from her daughter! :-D

The Leftist news outlets, people, etc. went RADIO SILENT.  This, of course, does NOT fit their narrative.

I go over my thoughts on this disgusting crime.

Peace out! 


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