Me and my cousin John Hawthorne II saw some smoke and decided to check it out.. and ended up saving a man's life.. fire was very hot.. man broke both his legs, and was trapped behind a metal fence...

Make sure you read until the end..

I have a baby coming may 27th and I have only been back in Denver 3 nights for work..  last night I stayed at an I hop all night cuz I didn't have a place to stay last night. (dont worry the momma and baby have her family keeping her and our "coming soon baby" Atlas warm) and then was by clear creek enjoying my morning..  where John picked me up before the fire..... crazy how things line up sonetimes.. so remember the next time you see someone who is homeless or just needs a meal..  remember they might be there because of a house fire, or from being injured from having to jump off of the 3rd story or being burned alive.. it's rarely because of drugs,  and even if it is we all are no better than eachother and it's time we change  for the better... thank you.. 
Also shout out to those other guys and girls who also helped.. great work.. and I hope the guy is ok I really do....  I hope everyone is ok..   forget the houses they aren't what it's about!!!. 

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