The original smooth-talking smuggler, Lando Calrissian, returns in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Idiot’s Array.” In this special behind-the-scenes video, the creators of Star Wars Rebels, and Lando himself – Billy Dee Williams – discuss bringing the fan-favorite character back to a galaxy far, far away.
“He’s cooler than Han Solo,” says executive producer Dave Filoni. “He’s a little older, he’s a little wiser than Han.” And Williams still enjoys bringing the character – and his more playful traits -- to life. “It’s the smile, the charm. I have a good time with it.”
In “Idiot’s Array,” Lando is younger and still a scheming smoothie. “This was a real good introduction to who he is,” Williams says. Indeed, Lando hails from the “scoundrel school,” as CG supervisor Joel Aron puts it. But his story here points toward the true hero he will become.
“Billy’s so great, and Lando’s such a great character,” Filoni says. “It is a time period where we can explore a little bit more of what he’s up to, and what influence he has on our rebels.”
Monday Nights at 9p/8c on Disney XD

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