Remote your Android from PC with 'droid VNC server' application. This application requires root permission. So you need to ROOT your android first. Rooting your android voids warranty though you can claim in certain circumstances. This application helps you to spy on your handset when it's not with you. Use the 'Alt' button on pc keyboard to go back when you are connected to the device. The handset used for this video is Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i) and works very fine.

1. Your Android must be rooted.
2. Install Droid VNC Server on your Android from android Market.
3. Then the application needs superuser permission
4. Run the application and click Start Server, then the application asks you to go to the server on your PC like http://***.***.**.*:5801
5. Your PC needs to be Java installed. 


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