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In this video we will see how to convert DMG file into ISO file using PowerISO software.PowerISO is  available on Windows(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 ( All variants home basic, Windows Ultimate, Windows professional, Windows server including 32 bit and 64 bit ),Mac OS X(Apple Computers) and Linux((Ubuntu 16.10,Ubuntu 16.10 Desktop (64-bit) ,Ubuntu 16.10 Desktop (32-bit) ,Ubuntu 16.10 Server (64-bit),Ubuntu 16.10 Server (32-bit) Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS,Ubuntu 16.04.2 Desktop (64-bit) ,Ubuntu 16.04.2 Desktop (32-bit) ,Ubuntu 16.04.2 Server(64-bit) ,Ubuntu 16.04.2 Server(32-bit) Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS,Ubuntu 14.04.5 Desktop (64-bit) ,Ubuntu 14.04.5 Desktop (32-bit) ,Ubuntu 14.04.5 Server (64-bit) ,Ubuntu 14.04.5 Server (32-bit) ,Kali Linux,Linux mint) online .You can try PowerISO for free so need to try any other software like nero.If you are trying to open dmg file you can also open/view or extract content of dmg file to edit on windows or linux using PowerISO,7-Zip(to unzip or unpack your files),Winrar(If dmg file compressed in RAR format) DMG Extractor and other dmg reader/opener softwares.What is DMG file? You ask. Files with DMG extension type are Macintosh OS Disk Image files.This are mac installer files for mac apps like exe files in windows to install applications and softwares .You can burn dmg file to CD,DVD and USB using PowerISO so need of another complicated burner softwares.You can also convert Dmg file to ISO image file or cdr in mac using hdiutil utility command line.PowerISO also supports features like Create, Burn, Mount, Edit, Compress, Encrypt,decrypt and split. This easy dmg to iso image converter software for most operating systems.If you want to use another application on windows rather than PowerISO the you can also try dmg2img software for free.It’s command based software without graphical interface
Dmg2img download link - http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Hard-Disk-Utils/DMG2IMG.shtml
DMG files are safe for windows and does not harm your PC or vmvare no need to delete it immediately because those files does not run on windows.You can make OS installation USB of any most operating system on PowerISO.

Follow these simple steps to convert DMG file to ISO file
1) Open Your Web Browser I Am Using Mozilla Firefox
2) Search for PowerISO in Google
3) Click PowerISO Link(Link Is Available In Description)
4) Click download
5) Click Download(I am downloading 64bit version download according to your operating system)
6) Click Save File
7) After download finishes close your web browser

1) Open setup file
2) Click I Agree
3) Uncheck If You Are Not Interested In Offers
4) Click Next
5) Uncheck If You Are Not Interested In Additional Softwares
7) Click Next
8) Click install
9) Click Next
10) Click Close
11) Close your web browser

1) Open PowerISO
2) Click Continue Unregistered
3) Click on tools
4) Click convert
5) Click source file
6) Select DMG file
7) Click open
8) Select output folder(I am selecting desktop)
9) Click save
Make sure that ISO is selected if not select it
10)Click ok
11)Click ok

Done! You just converted DMG file to ISO file

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