This video provides in-depth reviews of Top 8 Mac Apps As of September 2017. These apps are ranged at the top based on their features and functionalities. 

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The following are the 8 apps and their links to download/purchase:

(Best Optimizer Apps for Mac) 
CleanMyMac 3 | https://goo.gl/HzHjyE
Wallpaper Wizard 2 | https://goo.gl/wZMH8q
Gemini 2 | https://goo.gl/HJw8Xs

1. Ubar: https://goo.gl/42fSDj What this app does is it allows you to access everything in your apps right from the dock, just like in Windows. this Ubar app brings the Windows Start Menu experience to the Mac. 

2. QuickLinks: https://goo.gl/Ywp9At What this app does is it allows you to create keyboard shortcut keys to open your favorite apps, files for folders quickly and conveniently.

3. GhostReader Plus: https://goo.gl/HWG6pa What this app does is it allows you to create the audio version of texts to be used as Audiobooks or podcasts or verbal instructions.  

4. Magnet:https://goo.gl/Ngq9bf  With Magnet app, you can split your screen into 3 or 4 to run 3 or 4 apps simultaneously.

5. Downie 3: https://goo.gl/wt2oiP  What this app does it allows you to download videos from almost any video link that you want to download. 

6. Link Builder: https://goo.gl/aq2sA2 What this app does is it allows you to generate Paypal payment links, especially for use in emails.

7. Easy Unzip:https://goo.gl/DNmSaZ What this app does is it allows you to compress or zip a file or decompress or unzip a file very easily. 

8. PDF Squeezer: https://goo.gl/6Q4aAb  As its name suggests, what this app does is it allows you to squeeze or compress your PDF file to be smaller in size while maintaining the image quality within the PDF file. 

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