Having grown up in Boston, I know a thing or two about cracking open a lobster. For one thing, I would never order this at a fancy restaurant. It is just too messy. A proper lobster bake is meant to be eaten outdoors at a red picnic table with views of the Atlantic Ocean. You're supposed to be elbow-deep in seafood juices grabbing at the corn on the cob, kielbasa chunk, and boiled red potato. 

This lobster bake is normally presented with a dribble of butter. However, I have been spoiled by my time spent in France during the Christmas holiday season. The French celebrate the New Year / Christmas with an enormous seafood tower of all things crustacean dipped in a velvety garlic or lemon dip reminiscent of mayonnaise, but a million times better. I made my own aïoli (I-oh-lee) from scratch. Bon appétit! 😋 

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