This song was one of the very first song I wished I could play when I just started out on the guitar. Love the whole approach of the entire song and the talkbox wah is so weird and cool at the same time! So needless to say, I had to Cover this one!! I never could play the entire song until a few days ago. James has some really cool lyrics and an even greater message in this song. 

Tuning is Eb Standard

Tone and other stuff:
I created a Left and Right IR with an isolation track from King Nothing and loaded it in my Impulse Loader. I use Emissary Amp sims some flanger effects. I did 2 tracks for left and right rhythm guitars with the flanger effect on only one of each side.
The talk box Wah sound was achieved by using automation in my DAW and a third party plugin. Admittedly, I spent more time on the audio to get it sounding just right.

SO, Hope You Guys Enjoy This One!!


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