Amidst a packed house of approximately 487 teachers and supporters, the Board of Education unanimously approved the closing of school for up to 25 days should there be a teacher walkout, “if the superintendent determines that such school closures are necessary for the safety of students and for the fiscal integrity of the District in order to avoid the necessity of hiring substitute teachers.” 
Presenting this proposal during the March meeting, Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler said, "It would be my hope that our legislators would address Oklahoma’s teacher and support pay, and restore public education funding so that this ‘walkout’ does not have to occur."  

On March 8, the Oklahoma Educators Association (OEA) – the teachers’ union -- proposed a teacher pay raise of $10,000 over three years. The proposal calls for a $6,000 teacher raise in year one; and $2,000 each in years two and three, for a total of $10,000. OEA is asking legislators to meet the statutory April 1 deadline for a budget, including a viable funding stream to pay for a teacher pay raise. If the deadline is not met, it is likely that Oklahoma teachers will walk out en masse on April 2. Based on the Oklahoma minimum teacher salary schedule, Oklahoma teachers have not received a pay raise in 10 years.

Click on this link to read a message from Dr. Hartzler addressing questions concerning the potential walkout:  http://www.unionps.org/index.cfm?id=100&newsId=23402 


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