Catherine Paiz unseen family photos 

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Hey guyssss! My name is Angel and I am 14 Hella years old I am from India! 🙋

#1 Catherine Paiz before youtube 2013 version-https://youtu.be/aCkwxNHDsis

The Ace Family (members) 
A- Austin McBroom 
C- Catherine Paiz 
E- Elle LivelyMcbroom 

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*I hope u all like my first ever YouTube video. This is a very big deal for me as in my family no one has ever done this. I hope u all enjoy my upcoming videos as well and as u guys know I will be posting daily,hell ya daily. So stay tuned! Love you all and may a HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND ALL THE MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY!💕💕 


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