ARMIAfest was a very first festival for A.R.M.Ys in Poland which took place in a closed space. BTS' fans could gather there and enjoy time together listening and dancing to BTS' songs and seeing how the group improved and how far they went with their career by watching their best performances and concerts on a big screen - which brought many A.R.M.Ys to tears of happiness and joy.

The fans could also buy BTS' merch and take photos with Bangtan members in Instagram frame! A.R.M.Ys could take part in OX quiz, watch S.P.Y Dance Crew's cover to MIC Drop and talk about BTS Theories - because everyone wants to know what really happened in the music videos!

Besides these attractions related to BTS, everyone could try Korean food, snacks and also bingsu which is Korean traditional ice cream.

It was a special day for almost 400 A.R.M.Ys in Poland - all the tickets were sold out! We are sure that the next ARMIAfest will be even bigger and more BTS' fans will want to attend this kind of event. It was an opportunity to meet new BTS' fans and share the passion and love towards the group with each other. Spending time together, watching their favorite groups' MVs, perfomances and concerts, taking pictures, dancing together - all of it was prepared for A.R.M.Ys by KMF! We are really glad that we could also take part in this event - it was a very joyful day for everyone, including us.

Thanks to everyone who participated in ARMIAfest - it is a very special memory because of you! We cannot wait for the next event like this ♥

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MIC Drop Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSvvEKuqCc8

Music used:
BTS - Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
NCT U/BTS/EXO/MONSTA X – Boss/Fire/Ko Ko Bop/Dramarama MASHUP (feat. NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb) by Miggy Smallz

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