Tuesday, 12 June 2018
CHAMPIONS RALLY: The Caps are about to step out on the stage now.
CHAMPIONS RALLY: The Stanley Cup CHAMPION Washington Capitals are about to step out on the stage for their rally! 

SEA OF RED: Watch the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup parade live. 

Stanley Cup victory parade celebrates the Washington Capitals
Here's an acknowledgement of the Stanley Cup victory parade underway now in Washington, D.C. 

STANLEY CUP PARADE! The Washington Capitals are being honored for their Stanley Cup win! People are lined up along the street for a parade in the team's honor. It's the first sports parade in Washington since the NFL's Redskins in 1992. Congrats! 

Washington Capitals parade: Washington Capitals parade on Constitution Ave. in Washington to celebrate winning the team’s first Stanley Cup.

#ALLCAPS CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE ROUTE! Fans are gathering in D.C. for the Victory Parade!



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