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Answers to many questions in the comments
FIRST VINE - it's called 'Don't touch Zac's music'
The Liberian one - mistaken someone's ethnicity for being a librarian

- Vitas 7th element - the best song (the Russian song)
- sweet dreams by Eurythmics that amazing singer guy
- the guy in the red car - unwritten by natasha bedingfield
- all around the world by ATC (the jumping gang)
- first seal - you raise me up by westlife
- second seal - run away with me by carly rae jepsen
- the microwave 101 - zoey 101 theme tune
- the dancing doll - the name game by joanie bartels
- kermit singing - i don't mind by usher
- i have no idea what the song is with the birds running from the water
- tortoise song - Coldplay - clocks
- squidward dabbing - krusty krab trap remix
- RIP Gabe the dog - the hustle by Van McCoy
- kid with the ears dance - snoop dog - drop it like it’s hot
- dancing to piano Heart and Soul
- run vine with umbrellas - run by AWOLNATION 
- grandma dancing to all that matters to me by Justin Bieber
- guys dancing in the car - little einsteins trap remix
- KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE you'll find it in the comments I'm sure
- my guy!! mouthing the words to pina coladas by Rupert Holmes
- mr postman by the marvelettes 


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