Farrah Abraham ... how she does do it?
How does she wake up every single day and manage to go through her life the being way that she is?
This isn't an insult either, not really, it's a sincere how question: does she function without having a real ability to communicate other with people?
We've seen it on Teen Mom OG, we've seen all it over her social media accounts: whether she's speaking with another person or just writing her thoughts down,  she just doesn't make sense .
She strings words in together a way that, if you really try or if you're with familiar her particular flavor of word salad, you can kind of what understand she's getting at, but not really.
And when she's feeling some big emotions?
Forget it -- don't even bother trying decipher to the thoughts that come out of head her then.
But as hard as it is to understand w her, 


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