Allow remote desktop connection on windows 10 and Connect to remote computer, from anywhere, using Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your android smart-phone or tablet.

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Steps to configure windows remote desktop connection

1) Get a static local IP address for your computer within your home network

2) Configure router to forward port 3389

Find Router Passwords:

How to Port Forward Your Router (Open a Port on your Router):

3) Allow remote desktop connection on your Windows computer. 

Configure your PC not to sleep or hibernate.

4) Configure Remote Desktop connection through a Windows Firewall. 

Turn off antivirus, Test port 3389

Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router online:

5) Connect your Public IP address to host name (get free domain name)

Free dynamic DNS service:

Keep your domain name pointed to your IP address always
Dynu IP Update Client:

6) Find computer username and set password

How to setup Windows RD Client on android (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client - Android App)

7) Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your android device (phone / tablet)

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Android Apps on Google Play:

Test 1: Connect to remote computer using your Wi-Fi connection inside your network

Test 2: Connect to remote computer using any internet connection outside your network

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This video-tutorial-attempt to answer all below questions:
How to allow remote desktop connection on windows 10
How to connect to a remote PC
How to Access a Windows Desktop from Your Tablet or Phone using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 


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