This is a 2 hour seminar in which we discuss the impact of social media on young children.

This event brought all schools (both Primary and Secondary) together to discuss/share experiences and best practice in dealing with social media and cyber bullying.

The event took place in the Norman Hunter Suite, West stand in Elland road.


Special Guest: Tom Riordan - The Head of Leeds City Council welcomed our guests to Leeds and gave them an update on child protection issues.

Emma Kenny is a psychologist. She has extensive experience in dealing with social media and its impact on young children. She regularly appears on This Morning talking about child-related matters and also has her own column in Closer magazine. Emma is keen to tackle and help schools deal with young children affected by social media.

Zara Holland is a reality TV star from Hull. She was given the title of Miss GB in 2015. Zara has had to deal with some tricky situations on social media but is very passionate about standing up to bullies. Zara shared her experiences in order to educate others.

Sophie Gradon has an extensive social media network including an Instagram following of 400,000 people. As a former Miss GB and reality contestant, she has undergone the scrutiny of the general public. She is passionate about bringing awareness of the dangers of social media to her younger fans.

Rob Faulkner is an eSafety expert. He spent over 7 years on his career advising schools on security within schools. He has extensive experience of working with schools to create solutions in eSafety internet security. 


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