UPDATE: JULY 17, 2018:
I had NO idea of his arrest of molesting a 9-year-old child BEFORE and AFTER posting UNTIL today, July 17, 2018.
I WILL remove comments about that as this isn't about that, it is about helping those whom may be suffering from Suicidal Tendencies/Thoughts. This is to offer HELP and SUPPORT.
I will NOT post that action on this channel OR information of that action as I protect children from harm of ALL kinds and DO NOT promote it.
If you have a problem with this decision, DO NOT WATCH, DO NOT COMMENT.
Be an adult, and stop while you are ahead.

Drama/Pettiness NOT wanted here.

Also, My thoughts and prayers go out to the sweet little girl/boy he harmed and their family.


If you, or Someone You May Know, May Be Suffering from Suicidal Tendencies/Thoughts, Please use the information in this video to reach out for help.
Reach out, 24-7. Someone is ALWAYS there for you.
Remember,..Suicide Hurts Everyone. 
There Is Always Someone Out There With A Hand To Reach Out To, A Shoulder To Cry On, A Heart To Accept Everything About You.
Do NOT Feel Ashamed To Ask For Help. 


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