http://www.RadaCutlery.com - How to Make a Sweet Kisses Strawberry Fruit Bouquet - Watch and follow along with Kristy in the Rada Kitchen to make this pretty strawberry and pineapple fruit arrangement. A homemade gift is priceless, but it doesn't have to be expensive. This is the perfect way to brighten anyone's day the healthy way. Instead of unhealthy candy bouquets you can make this stunning fruit centerpiece to delight your loved one on Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, Mother's Day and for an anniversary and also for a birthday.

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Hi Kristy in the Rada Kitchen and I have a neat idea for Valentine's Day. It's a fruit bouquet. You don't have spend a lot of money. These are easy to make in your own kitchen and your receiver will appreciate it. The one I'm going to make is called "Sweet Kisses." And there are quite a few recipes and full color pictures on how to make all these fruit bouquets. So let's get started.

So you begin by slicing a pineapple sideways into 3/4 inch to 1 inch slices. So I'm going to cut the end off first, that's really no use. I'm just going to cut down. I'm using this Rada Slicer. It's really sharp; not only works well on fruits and vegetables. It's really great to slice up roasts and ribeyes. So now we have our pineapple disks. We're going to take one of these and with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, the metals ones works best. You're going to have quite a few different sizes. You're going to push that down so the core of the pineapple is in the middle of your cookie cutter. And if you have to take a little mallet you might have to do that, too. This pineapple is a little green so it is a little harder to get through, you will know when you get through because there will be a crunching noise.

And I'm just going to flip over to the other side and then you push it out. So you will have to do, I'm going to do a different size, too. Each disk you can make a pineapple heart. Usually you can see where that was so you can go on the other side and push it through. There's a little bigger one. So you should end up with about 8 pineapple hearts. We're going to set those aside.

Now were going to make our strawberry buds. You'll want to rinse your strawberries under cool water and dry gently with a paper towel. You want kind of all the same size, like large full strawberries. If you want to remove the stems you can. They are probably harder to eat but I kind of personally like the stems, I kind of ruffle them up like that. Okay, now with the pointed end of a skewer you push that into the strawberry and you want to stop before it goes through. And if you need to put them in a refrigerator you can. And if you want you can even put a couple of them on one, maybe for the tall or center part of the arrangement.

Now were going to assemble it into our vase. I have a couple different sizes here. I am going to use this one just so you can see easier what I'm going to do with it. What I'm going to do is take a head of lettuce and that is what the skewers are going to poke into. So we need to trim this down to fit into that. So it is more or less and edible, all around edible display. This is just a head of iceberg lettuce. If you have a really tall vase you might have to crumble up some paper up in the bottom of it to take up space. So now we've skewered our strawberries and then you just need to do the pineapple. You want to stop once it hits that core. That's what's going to hold it on the stick.  You want to use the pointed side of the skewer. That is going to go in there. So now you just place these through the lettuce. If you have to break the sticks that is easy to do if you want different heights.

To save time I'm going to show how you just start filling in your little strawberry buds. Now we're going to add the final touch by garnishing the bouquet with these Hershey Kiss blossoms. These are the caramel-filled ones. And you just want to make sure you take the pointed end of the skewer and poke it halfway into there. You could also use the cherry cordials, peanut butter kisses. Actually any kiss will work; I just like these because they had the pink. 

Another idea and I have another video on how to make it you could put in some chocolate covered strawberries for a little extra sweetness. I have another video where I show how to dip these. So check out my videos on YouTube or on our website. And this is our Sweet Kisses Fruit Bouquet. Perfect for Valentine's or any occasion; you want to make somebody feel special. It's just one of the delicious designs featured in our Fruit Bouquet cookbook.

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