Today may be the first day of summer, marking the Summer Solstice (don't worry, I'll make a video of that later today), but today's also the day that we found out that we lost one of the most influential animals in the world, and that's Koko the Gorilla, the praised primate who can communicate with people through the use of sign language. 

Koko has made a great impact on our view of gorillas, because she helped us learn that gorillas are a lot more than just big animals. Gorillas have feelings, too, and Koko expresses those feelings similar to how we express ours. For instance, when Koko lost her pet tabby cat, she felt sadness and had ways of dealing with her sadness. Ways that don't hurt herself or anyone around her. That's also how she dealt with the loss of Robin Williams and Mister Rogers.

I remember a long time ago back in elementary school, my class read a book about Koko the Gorilla, and I learned so much about her.

But other than that, a lot of famous celebrities got to meet and interact with Koko. Famous people such as William Shatner, Betty White, the late Robin Williams, and even Mister Rogers.

Koko passed away 2 days ago at the age of 46 in her sleep. Though she is no longer with us, she will always matter to us and she has forever changed the way we think of big animals like gorillas. They're not animals who like to destroy stuff and climb giant buildings with helicopters swarming around them. They're gentle animals who feel the same way we do.

So I put together a special tribute to Koko. Farewell, Koko. We'll miss you.

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