Instructions on how to remote control your pc with a phone using vnc:

1. Download Ultra VNC server for your PC http://www.uvnc.com/.
2. Set up the server and change your password. If you want to give commands to your computer remember to uncheck 'disable viewers inputs'.
3. Download the free VNC Viewer for your phone http://dotnetvnc.sourceforge.net/
4. Connect to your PC with your phone using the computer's IP address. You can find your IP address by going to http://www.whatismyip.com/.
5. Control your PC using your phone and have fun!

I think the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is better than the default remote desktop mobile application on windows phones. Via VNC I can use my computer's own computing power - via remote desktop mobile I can only use my phone's computing power to connect to the PC. 

This is a great application especially for setting up downloads and for remote bitcoin mining and controlling your mining rigs away from home. Sometimes I reboot my system remotely so it wouldn't crash while mining bitcoins. I also use IRC on my mobile phone via VNC. 

I'm using this VNC remote pc control with windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and HTC HD2 WM 6.5.3.

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