What's this Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday all about? How are people celebrating Mardi Gras in 2018? What do you need to know about the parades in New Orleans? What is the meaning of Fat Tuesday?

We braved the crowds for a day to get the answers for you and whipped this video up as quick as possible. While it's not a Mardi Gras 2018 Live Stream, it's pretty close to real-time!

 Keep checking our website (www.bottomlineupfront.com) for a write-up on our adventure in the near future (with a lot more detail than what's given in the video).

If you don't have time (and we understand, we're all about saving time), here's the BLUF:

- Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans actually start in January - the entire celebration lasts for quite some time
- The biggest parades are the extended weekend before Fat Tuesday
- Parade routes/times are on the web, but prepare for them to be shifted - if a parade starts at 10, you may not see it in your location until 3 hours later (they move slow!)
- Hotels are a bit of a nightmare, and they take crowd control seriously - you will be given a wristband and they will check for it every time you go in - you can't even have friends up in your room without them buying a wristband for $25
- That being said, plan your potty breaks!
- They throw more than just beads - we saw glow sticks, cups, stuffed animals, plungers, etc (it gets cray cray)

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