Lesean McCoy Assualt Allegation, is shady in trouble? Joseph Robert, the fantasy football Counselor, dicusses these recent alligations against NFL star Lesean Mccoy. Does this affect his career and fantasy football career. Stay away from Shady and Bullalo Bills players for 2018 fantasy football?

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About this video: Did Lesean Mccoy assault his girlfriend? Some pictures have surfaced with his girlfried looking badly beaten and hurt. These are just allegations at this point. We cannot blame someone until it is proven. This can definitely hurt Lesen Mccoy's career if this is actually true. In regards to Fantasy football 2018.  The Fantasy football Counselor had told you to stay away from Shady McCoy from the get go. We figured a decline was coming, but not this beating allegation.  This is not good news for the Bullalo Bills who will need a back up running back to cover. 

The Pictures we are seeing right now of LeSean McCoy girlfriend with this alleged assault does not look good. Lesean McCoy highlights of his career can be tainted but the alleged assualt. Hopefully everything works out for the positive for everyone. 

Remember to stay away from Buffalo Bills players for fantasy football 2018! 


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