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On today's show:

 - Does Spider-Man need Uncle Ben to make sense?
 - Why is no director listed for new animated film WONDER PARK?
 - MARY POPPINS moves to AQUAMAN's release week
 - Joaquin Phoenix JOKER movie is now official, shoots this year
 - INDIANA JONES 5 moves back to 2021

Full Viewer Questions:

Zane Drake - Do you think Spider-Man works without Uncle Ben? And do you think Far From Home needs to reference him? I've heard people argue that Homecoming’s Spider-Man has no motivation and doesn't work without him. While I thought it worked in homecoming, because they talked about him in civil war and the theme of power and responsibility is still there, I admit I will be a bit annoyed if they don't reference him ever in the future. Thanks and bring on the filthy.

Sam - Greetings from Belgium. I just saw the teaser trailer for the new animation film "Wonder Park" from Paramount, and I liked it. Though the alternate versions of famous songs is getting really old. But when I looked up who directed it, there was no available information. How can this be, with a teaser already released and the movie coming out in March?

Kevin Tran - I know you’ve been getting this question a lot but geez with the recent news that Disney has decided to move Mary Poppins Returns to December 19 just TWO DAYS before Aquaman comes out. Surely WB isn’t crazy enough to stick with that December 21st release date right?

Mr Yaz Man - So WB and DC has greenlit the Joaquin Phoenix Joker origin movie which will be directed by Todd Phillips. However in the articles, Martin Scorsese name is not mentioned in the articles and I remember hearing that he's going to produce the film. Is Scorsese still attached with the film or is he no longer involved with it?

PATREON SUPPORTER Michael Jessup - I just read today that Indiana Jones 5 has been pushed to July 9th 2021, a full year later than it was supposed to come out. 3 years… that’s 3 full years from now. Harrison Ford will be 3 days away from his 79th birthday when the film opens. He’ll be almost 20 years older than Sean Connery was in Last Crusade. Aren’t they pushing it too much?

QUESTION OF THE DAY - Is the Joaquin Phoenix movie a good idea? Answer here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JRKSXQQ 


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