Dell XPS Blank Video Repair! BGA Video Reflow M1530
If your Dell XPS turns on but you get no video this is how you would fix this BGA video problem. We reflow the video chip with a ACHI Dark IR station, its a lot like other BGA rework stations but its a lot less stressful on the BGA video and parts. This repair will fix, blank or black lcd screens and we cover all the Dell XPS models such as m1530 
We fix these laptops at our shop for a flat rate of $125 and that includes the shipping back to you if you life in the US.  We do fix laptops for out of the US but there will be additional charges for shipping.
If you have questions please call our shop.
OR check out our business website  http://mixcatcomputers.com
I hope you enjoyed this DIY BGA video reflow for the Dell XPS M1530
We also reflow all common brand (HP, Dell, Acer, Gateway, IBM, Alienware, Panasonic, Toshiba & Sony) laptops / notebooks at our shop. Please call for details.   
Music by: Dan Springs of  dcs1771.com
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