The Gordon Hayward Injury took away an NBA Star. The Celtics are doing so well with their defense and Gordon Hayward might be able to come back this NBA season. But should Hayward try to come back with Tatum and Brown?

Gordon Hayward went down to one of the most gruesome injuries in NBA history. But it seems as if he’s ahead of the timetable for recovery and could possibly be cleared to play towards the end of this season and comeback for the Celtics. But should he? 

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Today I wanted to talk about Why Gordon Hayward should not come back to the Celtics. Let me know in the comments if you think Gordon Hayward will come back. 
Before all the Celtics fans kill me for saying this, I want to say that I believe that Gordon Hayward will ultimately make the Celtics even better than they are now, which is scary for the rest of the NBA. The Celtics have a legitimate chance of making the NBA finals this year and contending with anyone they face. 

Brad Stevens has the Celtics running smoothly, Kyrie has been leading the team in more ways than just scoring and closing, and the young players have put in work. Gordon Hayward seems perfect for the Celtics, Hayward doesn’t need the ball to be effective. He’s a deadly shooter, he can move without the ball, he can create for others. 

Hayward’s been seen shooting and splashing. 

My problem with Hayward coming back, if he’s medically cleared, is defense and team chemistry. Hayward is no slouch on defense. He ranked 42nd in the league last season which means he is above average. Yet, Hayward’s so called replacements of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have not only been extremely efficient on the offensive end, but are first and third in the league respectively for defensive win shares. This means that these two lanky, athletic wings have been putting in work. A lot of that has to do with Brad Stevens and how he has his players playing, but Brown and Tatum have athletic gifts that has caused problems for opposing players. Add to the fact that the players have to be in sync for the Celtics team defense to work and Hayward coming back might disrupt this. It takes a while to build chemistry and here chemistry is trusting teammates to rotate and knowing what everyone tends to do. If Hayward does comeback towards the end of the season, I’m not sure if there is enough time to integrate him defensively. That sounds weird since usually we talk about offensive integration, but for the Celtics, their defense is a huge part of their identity. 

Of course offense is also very important and Hayward would need to be integrated into that as well. But I see Tatum and Hayward as similar players in terms of shooting capabilities, especially since Tatum has been increasingly putting the ball on the floor and creating his own shot. Brad Stevens also knows Hayward and since Kyrie will be the primary ball handler, Hayward can be a more playmaking version of Tatum. Hayward definitely has more carrying ability right now and can lead a team if need be which is important in the playoffs. Hayward would need to get his legs under him and we can see Isaiah Thomas struggling with that right now, but Hayward is already shooting, so hopefully that is mitigated. Still, with such little time before the playoffs, it’s not the best time to experiment. 

If there was more time to get Hayward more comfortable with the offense and defense and if Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum were struggling, it would have made sense to get Hayward back to the Celtics as soon as possible. But, it doesn’t seem like Hayward would have much time to get back into the flow. That’s why I am super excited for Gordon Hayward and the Celtics next season, because he can definitely improve their offense and fit in their defensive schemes. The Celtics pushed the Warriors to the limit without Hayward and are already amazing. I just think that they need more time and that’s why Gordon Hayward should not Come Back to the Celtics this season. But what do you think? Am I wrong? Are the Celtics winning a championship this season? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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