Kelly Clark won 19 of 20 major competitions she entered last year, making her the winningest snowboarder in the world!! First woman to stomp a 1080 (3 turns) in a major halfpipe competition, even the announcers weren't sure they could believe their eyes at the X Games.

Here Lauren Traub Teton of SnowboardSecrets.TV and SnowboardNews.TV interviews Kelly Clark in New York City, fall 2012 as the new book about Kelly Clark hits the market. "Reaching New Heights: The Kelly Clark Story" by Natalie Davis Miller tells the inspiring story including some of the keys to Kelly's outstanding success,such as her serious exercise regime, and faith in God. Kelly talks about the Kelly Clark Foundation that helps finance mountain school education for kids.

Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV 


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