This little App, which you can download in the internet, makes it possible, that all kind of notifications are send from your smartphone to the gear. 

The app is not an official Samsung app, it was developed by xda developers, if I'm informed correct. I downloaded it here: http://sepiroth887.github.io/NotificationManager/

If you download  and install it, it is at your own risk!! Keep that in mind. 

It works great for me. I can see now all messeges I receive over WhatsApp, Messenger and Gmail. You have to try a little bit around in the ATN manager, which boxes you check and uncheck. Sometimes you only need to check 1 box, sometimes you need to check them both. Just try it. 

I can read now the whole messages. For Messenger I checked both boxes, for WhatsApp only the right one, for gmail both. Just try it. 


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